Newair AI-100S 28 Pound Review

new-air-100s-portable-ice-maker-reviewsAre you searching for an ice maker that won’t give you an ounce of stress, and also gives you the best quality of ice, then this ice maker by Newair is maybe your best choice. It is small in size and versatile, bringing the capacity to deliver the required amount of ice in only a couple of minutes. This is one of the best ice machine out available today.

Whether you anticipate utilizing the ice maker at home, or you would need to use it in a bar, this ice machine can give you the outcome that you require. You can have all the ice that you need in only a few minutes.

It is flawless when you have little social affairs and gatherings. It will be the discussion of the gathering, and the chilled ice created will make your beverages taste a considerably better. If you are searching for the best countertop ice maker for your home then the Newair AI-100s 28 is one of your best choices.

Features of the NewAir AI-100S 28


  •  One standout feature amongst the most noteworthy elements of this ice machine is the time it takes to deliver ice. You can appreciate a serving of ice in only 15 minutes. This is exceptionally noteworthy for an ice machine, guaranteeing that you don’t need to sit and wait for quite a while before getting the ice that you require. It likewise gives ice in different shape sizes, adding to the efficiency of the ice maker. On the off chance that you are searching for an ice creator that has every one of the components that you will require, then this is the ice maker for you. Within only a few minutes, you and your visitors would have the ice that you need. It additionally has a reasonable stockpiling limit, which guarantees that you don’t come up short on ice. This ice creator is certainly noteworthy, and for its size, it unquestionably brings lots of usefulness.
  •  Another remarkable element of this ice machine is the measure of ice that it produces. It can deliver 28lbs of ice in a day. This is incredibly amazing for an ice maker of its size. This implies you will have all the ice that you need. It can deliver only the ice you require on the off chance that you are having companions over or arranging a little gathering. You will never come up short on the ice when you are utilizing this ice creator. Aside from its generation limit, it likewise inspires a great deal in the measure of ice that it holds. This ice maker can keep as much as 1.5lbs of ice for possible later use. This is great because a ton of clients might want to create ice however not expend every last bit of it quickly. It can save this ice for you without it getting dissolved. This table top ice maker is just what you need for your home.
  •  One remarkable element of this ice creator is its lightweight portability. There is nothing more superior to having a little ice machine that you can without much of a burden move around your home. It is little and technologically adept, having every one of the elements that you will require in an ice maker. It can enhance the look of your kitchen, and you will get a great deal out of its compactness. This little ice machine can, in any case, deliver a considerable measure of ice in spite of its small size. You shouldn’t let its little size trick you, as this ice creator unquestionably packs a punch. It is one of the best ice maker available for its weight class. Its movability permits the gadget to serve you as a home or business ledge, making it exceptionally flexible.
  •  Another great feature of this ice maker is the control panel. It comes with a LED display that is easy to understand, intuitive and very easy to use. There are three different ice settings, so users can choose exactly what they want. This standalone ice maker is one of the best if you want it for your home, pub or even on the road in your RV. It is the best home ice maker that you can find. It also has an entirely flawless design and it is very dependable regarding durability.

Pros and Cons of the Newair AI-100S 28 Pound


checkmark-24One pleasing aspect of utilizing this ice maker is its appearance. It has a smooth and modern look that would make your kitchen or bar counter look exceptionally sophisticated. It’s smooth metallic body is made of stainless steel, suggesting that the ice creator has the toughness that you would require, and it is additionally impenetrable to rust and tarnish.

checkmark-24Another element of this ice maker that clients might want is its efficiency. This ice maker does not make you use up every last cent essentially because you need to purchase. It likewise spares you a considerable measure as far as your vitality charge. You also do not require any form of drainage


x-mark-24A downside to this ice maker is that sometimes its controls can get a little bit confusing. If you are not exactly the tech savvy type, then using this machine may take a little bit of getting used to. However, once you are done getting the grips of this machine, it will serve you very well.


This is one of the best ice machines that you can buy if you want efficiency but are still working on a budget. It can provide all your daily requirements of ice, ensuring that you don’t run out of ice when you need it. It is also not messy and does not require any form of drainage. Unlike a lot of new ice makers, it does not have that new metallic taste when you first start using the machine.

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