Best Counter top Ice Makers Reviewed

Benefits of Having a Portable Ice Maker


Earn back what you spent

All the cash that you spend in the purchasing of the countertop ice maker will be directed the bank to your account if you decide to sell some extra ice.

Why should you be running to someone else’s business for ice when people can be running to your doorstep for some.

An ice maker can produce between 25-50 pounds of ice every day. You can always sell the extras to earn back the money for the electricity bill and for the purchase too.

5 NutriChef PICEM15

The Nutrichef countertop ice maker’s complexity does not affect the user in any way. In fact, it one of the simplest ice makers that have been able to hit the charts in the ice maker reviews.

Within 11 minutes, the ice will have formed. You, therefore, should be able to serve the ice within those 11 minutes; hence you will be getting some time to buffer the ice after opening the shop.

NutriChef PICEM15

You get three size options for the ice cubes. You can either choose the small, medium or large sizes. You can get up to 22 pounds of ice with the ice maker. Though there are others that can produce more of the ice within the same period.

This nutrichef countertop ice machine has a 600g water reservoir that can store up to 1.8 liters of water. This reduces the frequency of the number of times that you need to refill the water, helping you to focus on other tasks that are at hand.

Out of the 1.8 liters of water, you can have more than enough ice cubes to last the whole day on your family table. The number of ice cubes that water of that capacity can make totally depends on the size of ice cubes that you chose.

4 DELLA© Ice Maker Electric Machine

The Della countertop ice machine is also the best home ice machine in the market. The ice maker has received some pretty good ratings in portable ice maker reviews the over the short duration that it has been in the market.

The ice machine can make up to 26lbs of ice in just a day. This proves that it is a great item to have in your home and also in your place of work if you are selling drinks that need to be chilled.

It has a compact size that makes it favorable for small homes and vehicles like boats and recreational vehicles.

DELLA© Ice Maker Electric Machine

The Della countertop ice maker is fitted with a window that is transparent and allows the users to see through it. You can monitor the progress of the ice making process through this window.

The control panel of the ice maker mostly consists of labeled buttons that you can use to give commands to the machine. They are marked with self-explanatory icons to enable even the youngest of ages to use the ice machine without incurring injuries.

3 Knox Portable Ice Machine

This is a portable countertop ice maker that has one of the biggest ice storage compartment there is. The ice maker has a reservoir that stores 2.6 liters of water for ice conversion.

The massive size of the reservoir makes the machine much more convenient than any other machine with a smaller ice storage compartment.

A large LCD display is also included on the machine to make it easier for you to see the values displayed on the screen. Some of the other ice makers do not even have an LCD, giving this ice making machine an upper hand inconvenience.

Knox Portable Ice Maker with LCD

Even in the night, the LCD display can still be seen because of the backlight that lights it up. This adds a star to the amount of convenience the machine offers.

Its body comprises of stainless steel which is vented on the sides. It remains at a cold temperature no matter how much time the machine is going to run.

The Knox ice machine can produce a couple of pounds of ice in a few minutes. It may be the savoir of the day for a shop that sells drinks served cold to a great influx of customers.

2 NewAir AI-100S 28-Pound

The New air ice machine can make up to 28 pounds of ice daily. The great production rate is what makes it a great tool for you to use at a small beverage shop.

The machine’s LED display connects to the control panel to enable you to see the machine’s settings. The control panel is simple and easy for anyone to use.

NewAir AI-100S 28-Pound

The machine is highly portable and is independent of third party connections except for the electricity connection. The only thing that you may need to supply continuously (apart from electric power) is the water that is supposed to be converted to the ice by the machine.

More than one thousand people have purchased the machine and what they had to say about it is 99.99% confident. The design of the machine itself will leave your jaws’ gap widened. It has the classic freezer style infused with a bit of next century modeling to give your house a nostalgic yet futuristic design.

1 Igloo ICE101 Black

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The black body of the igloo ice machine has a gloss that will display vibrancy in a room with a dark theme. The color readily contrasts with a white background. It can, therefore, be a great machine to place in a light-themed kitchen that has a monochromatic effect that looks dull without some different colors in between.

The machine weighs just 20 pounds (around 10kg). This is a moderate weight that allows the machine to be portable enough for almost any parent to transport around the house. Hence you need not stick it to one place when you need it somewhere else.

Igloo ICE101-Black Counter Top

The ice compartment in this igloo ice machine can store up to 1.5 pounds of ice at an instance. You can, therefore, keep the last batch of ice in the compartment until the time that you need to use them.

The machine also has a 2.3-quart reservoir for the water you need to be turned to ice. This is the standard size for the portable ice maker tanks. It stores ample water that you will not have to refill in short intervals.

A LED display is attached to the machine’ s circuit to make it easier for you to control the device’s functions.

Low power consumption

The machines use up less power than any other cooling system can. If you compare the power consumption of the ice makers to that of the freezers and fridges, you will find that they use the least amount of power ever.

A countertop ice machine can be used in the stores for the whole day without consuming even half of the power that the larger device can and yet they do a better job in freezing the ice.

Ice cube rocks

Do you like the blocks of ice that you have to smash in order for you to get a piece that you can finally throw into a cup without displacing half the drink from the cup?

There is a 99.99% possibility that your answer is no. So this is where the countertop ice machines come in to save the day. The countertop ice makers can make the ice cubes into small pellets and nuggets.

In fact, most of the countertop ice maker machines in the market give you more than one ice cube size option. You can make as much ice as you want with convenient sizes that you do not have to chisel down to smaller pieces.


Both a tabletop ice machine and a commercial countertop ice maker are portable enough for you to carry with you anywhere you go. You can even use a table top ice machine as a commercial countertop ice maker if you want excellent portability.

The portability of these countertop ice makers is the quality that everyone should appreciate. They are perfect for mobile stores or beverage and ice cream trucks because they are not as heavy as the other types of cooling machines.

Any power source is a power source

Any power supply that can provide a stable 110-220V power supply for the whole operating period is good enough for the countertop ice maker.

The best countertop ice maker that you can buy needs to have this type of flexibility so that you can use it at any place that can supply a stable power, even a boat.

A 12V dc battery can also power up most of the ice makers. You can just place it on the ice maker countertop and use an inverter to change the 12V to 110-200V for you to use it properly.

Not fixed on anything

I am not talking about a drug fix, no. The countertop ice maker machine is not set on anything that will keep you from removing it from its original position.

The machines like freezers need to be fixed to a water inlet and a drainage system for them to function. Everything in the countertop ice makers is inbuilt.

Though some of the ice makers need a stable supply of water when they are operational, they allow you to have different water sources by using universal inlets. The universal inlets may even be standard pipes that connect to a water inlet.


The speed at which the machines can produce the ice is incomparable to any other cooling device ever made (unless liquid nitrogen is the cooling agent).

Most of the countertop ice makers can produce ice within a period of 6 minutes. You can, therefore, have a stable supply of the ice in your business for as long as you can ever need them.

The thing behind this speed is the direct ice synthesis process that the machine has. A countertop ice maker machine produces the ice by freezing the water directly without any third party processes being involved.


The ice making machines are entirely dependent on electricity. You need not refill some CO2 tanks time after time.

The CO2 freezers have been giving people a headache each time something goes wrong. You should not be the next one that scratches the head trying to figure out what is wrong with a brand new freezer.

The countertop ice machines will save you from this since the only thing that you may have to worry about is a blackout, which can be masked by backup generators.


Here at IceCubesHQ, we focus on the best types of ice machines that you will not regret purchasing. Each one of the machine mentioned in this ice maker review should be able to serve you without any drawbacks.

No matter which portable ice maker reviews you view, one or two of these products should pop up in each list. You just need to choose the one that best suits your kitchen or living room.