Best Undercounter Ice Maker – Buyer’s Guide, Reviews and Compassion

IceCubesHQ has all the information on the best ice makers you can find anywhere in the market. If you are thinking of buying a great undercounter ice machine, you are in the perfect place. We will be dishing out valuable knowledge on these devices, so you should stick around. An interesting variant when it comes to portable ice machines is the under cabinet ice maker. This is for those people who have realized that the tray is not enough for meeting your ice requirements. If you have family gatherings from time to time, then you should be considering buying a residential under counter ice maker.

Also, if you own a bar or a pub, there is a commercial undercounter ice maker just for you. This will help you attend to your customers in short time periods. No more long queues of people waiting for drinks, you can get your orders out in no time. If you have an ice maker undercounter, you would have access to up to 12 pounds of ice within a single day. If you want an ice maker for commercial use, then you must consider the holding capacity. These types of ice makers are usually a lot more expensive.

Making a list of the best ice makers that money can buy is not exactly easy since there are quite a lot of great ice makers out in the market. However, we have succeeded in providing you information on some great ice makers.

A fantastic feature of these under counter ice makers is that the undercounter nugget ice maker does not need any form of additional draining. Producing as much as 12 pounds of ice in 24 hours. This machine would have you covered if you constantly have a need for ice. It can also store as much as 6 pounds of ice if you don’t need to use up all the ice immediately. This machine also has a very stylish and sophisticated look that is made up of stainless steel, so it does not rust easily. It’s black cabinet also makes it look even better.

All you need to know about Undercounter Ice Makers

We offer reviews of the best ice makers out on the market today. Ice makers considered are also energy saving, as this is a concern for most users today. Portable ice makers are all the trend these days. People want ice makers that can easily fit anywhere in your home. They are very cool and are confident to be the talk of any event that you hold in your home. It is also fun to have ice readily available if you are holding a small party or event. There are also a lot of affordable ice makers out on the market today. You don’t have to overtly stretch your budget before you can get an ice maker for your home. Undercounter ice makers can also fit comfortably anywhere in your home.

Apart from the great functionality that ice machines provide, there is also the ‘cool’ factor that comes with using these devices. The fact that you can have ice readily in just a couple of minutes can be very fun and exciting. This makes it the perfect attraction if you are used to having a lot of guests over. Whether you are having a large party or a simple get-together, under counter ice machines are a welcome guest. There are also some affordable ice makers, which means that you don’t have to break the bank whenever you want an ice machine. They are also sleek and sophisticated so that they would fit seamlessly into your bar or even home.

Features that you must look out for when buying an undercounter ice maker

Nowadays, when you purchase a refrigerator in your home it often comes with an ice maker. However, you would need purchase a quality ice maker if your fridge does not produce ice, or if it cannot be product up to the capacity that you would require for your home or parties. This makes the ice maker to be a precious piece of equipment that you can have in your home or bar. An undercounter ice maker is a great piece of equipment for producing ice, and it is made specially to fit underneath your kitchen or bar counter, standing on its own as an ice producing unit. There are some key features that you need to consider when you want to buy an ice maker, as you cannot just buy any ice maker that you see out on the market. Let’s take a look at some of the key features an ice maker must have.

Daily Production Capacity

When looking for an under counter ice maker, it is always crucial to consider the daily production capacity of the machine, and also to accurately assess how much ice you would require on a daily basis. If you have a regular sized family that includes mother, father and maybe three kids, then you do not need an ice machine that produces more than 25 pounds of ice on a daily basis.However, if you are a bar or pub owner, you would require an ice maker that produces a lot more than this. You may need a machine that can produce as much as 125 pounds of ice on a daily basis. However, it is also important to know that the prices of these devices increase as the capacity increases. However, with good money, you would be able to get a suitable ice machine for use that ranges from $500-$1500

Producing ice on demand

Another thing that you need to consider if you are thinking about buying an undercouter ice maker is, what is your requirement for ice upon request. It is important to note that ice makers are not freezers. You should not buy an ice making machine because you want it to chill your drinks, you should buy one because you require ice cubes on demand.

Required ice shape and clarity

Thanks to technology, these days ice machines have the ability to produce different shapes and sizes of ice. This seems very fascinating at first, but you may go on to realise that you do not like some particular shapes of ice. This may be as a result of the shape of drink glasses in your home. However, most ice making machines produce ice that is the regular form as provided in a freezer. A lot of them come in cubes, bullet shape or even as little nuggets of ice. There are also such ice makers on the market that would allow you to change the thickness, texture and even density of the ice cubes produced.

Another thing that most users worry about is whether the ice maker would produce ice that is misty due to impurities or chemicals in the ice maker. However, the colour of ice is naturally a bit hazy, but it is still good to worry about the purity of your water. For freezers, they tend to produce ice that is more cloudy, but this is because it freezes up the water much faster than ice makers. So you should not be worried if the color of ice is not the same as in your freezer. There are still a lot of ice makers that produce ice that is crystal clear.

Ease of use

Another feature that you must look out for if you want to buy an ice maker is the ease of use. You shouldn’t buy an ice making machine that is not easy to use, especially if you are not tech savvy. A lot of people tend to complain when they buy ice machines that come with so many buttons or screen touch functions that do not even allow them to understand how to turn on the device properly. You should buy an under counter ice maker that is easy to comprehend and use. Thankfully, a lot of producers are making their machines more user-friendly. This makes it a lot simpler to use and read the manuals that come with such devices.

Overflow Protection

A great feature of a real ice maker is the flood protection. When ice makers are full, they tend to spill over. It can be very messy to clean up and frustrating to deal with. Technology has made it possible for icemakers to be protected from overflow. This is a feature that you should be looking out for. Overflow protection helps to prevent messes from water spillage, and it will save you the time of having to mop up the mess that comes with spillage.

Reservoir Capacity

You should also be very concerned about the reservoir capacity of the ice maker you are buying. This is especially useful if you do not need to consume all of the ice you produce immediately. You would, therefore, need to store all of the ice somewhere. A lot of ice makers today come with relatively small reservoir capacity, but you wouldn’t mind this much if you are a homeowner and the ice maker is serving just a little family. However, if you are a pub owner, using a small reserve ice maker may prove to be trouble. You, therefore, have to get an ice maker that can store up the excess ice that you produce.


Portable ice makers are all the deal these days. Nobody wants to buy a machine that takes up all the space in your home. It is therefore imperative to buy a portable ice maker that can fit comfortably in your kitchen or pub. Thankfully, under counter ice makers allow you to do this with so much ease. You can quickly put it on your kitchen counter or the counter in your bar and dispense ice whenever you like. There are a lot of ice makers that you can get for good prices these days.


Another feature that you must look out for when you want to buy an ice maker is the durability. You must never buy a machine that does not get good reviews regarding strength. What you want is a device that you can use for years without having to get repaired or replaced. Thankfully, there are a lot of great machines out on the market for you to choose from. Ice makers are usually durable since they do not perform a lot of functions. It, however, necessary to ensure that you buy a machine that is made of stainless steel. Since ice makers handle a lot of water on a daily basis, they are usually prone to rust or corrosion. This is, therefore, the one feature that you must look out for.

It is very common to see ice makers in bars, pubs, and even kitchens nowadays. Since there are a lot of great ice makers on the market, you can get the ideal size for your usage at a good price. As far as you can get an ice maker with the features that are perfect for you, then you have made a right choice. There are a lot of good ice maker brands on the market, so you do not have to break the bank just because you want chilled ice.

At IcecubesHQ you can get all the information that you need about an ice maker. This would prove to be useful information before spending money on an ice maker. When installing your icemaker, it is also good to get the help of a certified plumber. This is essential because some ice makers would require that you provide room for drainage and other facilities.

If the price is also a concern for you, not to worry. There are a lot of ice makers out on the market today that you can get for a good price. Ice makers may go as low as $300 depending on the features that the machine possesses.