Best Ice Crusher Blenders

A blender is one home appliance that is needed in family kitchens. It will be out of place to see any modern day kitchen not furnished with a gadget like a blender. Popularly referred to as a liquidiser by the British, it can be used in kitchens and some specialized laboratories, as an emulsifier of food and other substances. 

The primary focus of this review is to give a closer analysis of ice crusher blender. This report is different from another type of ice crusher blender reviews available on various sites. The iceCubesHQ provides comprehensive review of what the best blender of ice looks like while also offering best options when it comes to the best blender for ice crushing.

Many mixer manufacturers usually claim to have the best blender for crushing ice, whereas in the real sense most of them do not possess the right type of blade, with the stability and power to cut through ice effortlessly, thereby rendering such blender ineffective for making smoothie and cocktails in general. 

Several types of ice crusher blender will perform efficiently, in delivering a well-blended smoothie as desired by anyone. Therefore, what should one look out for in selecting the best ice blender available on sales in the market, at the moment? An electric ice crusher that can be given such rating as the best ice blender machine should have power.


What this means is, most ice blenders should have powerful motors with sharp blades, making it strong enough not only to cut ice cubes but to turn them into snowflakes, this is the actual characteristic of ice shredding machines. The ice crusher blender should be easy to move around, within the house.

Most ice blenders are the over the counter device easily placed for ice crushing purposes in restaurants and bars. The mixologist will work with a very powerful blender that can churn out flakes of ice, ready to be utilised in mixing different drinks, to the delight of customers anytime.

The power of ice crushing blender can be seen on the guideline box of the mixer pack and if there are any particular settings that will allow better crushing of ice by the blender.

It is quite important to select the ice crusher blender that has more motor power above 500watts, which is considered a better option in getting coarse textured ice but may not be robust enough to crush the ice cubes into a nice snowy texture. The defect in using lower motor power blender as an ice crusher is that it might have a negative impact on the blades which might also burn the motor coils, as a result of it being overworked.

When fast shredded ice is required, not many will like to be moving ice from one cup to the other, so as to crush the again. Instead, most people will prefer to put ice cubes directly into the ice crusher blender to get the desired texture of ice needed at once. The more the power, the higher the cost of such blender.

Best ice crushing machine should have a minimum of about 1000 watts motor power, functions at this speed crush ice cubes. Other hi-tech ranges of ice blender machine are produced with 1500 watts of motor power. This type of machine is very expensive as compared to others with 600 watts motor power.

In essence, to get the best ice blender that can make cool smoothie and margaritas without having lumped ice in them, more money will be invested in getting that calibre of ice crusher blender such ice crusher blender include: Blendtec total blender with 1560 watts counter and a blade speed of about 29,000rpm; Vitamix 750 professional with 1200watts motor power is another high-performing ice crusher blender and so many other types of good grades ice crushing blender.

Cleaning of the blender should be done with extra caution so as not to immerse it in water but a wet cloth can be used to clean the parts while maintaining just water without any other substance to clean the blades, this is to protect the blades from corroding.

Easy to use

The need for blending machine is to help in delivering fast mixtures, with the desired result. A bartender who will not like to waste time going through settings in getting the ice crushed will settle for ice crushing machine that will require little or no configuration if possible get the desired result with just a touch of a button.

Ice crusher blenders should be easy to operate, by anyone with a simple touch or click. The machine should work with minimal settings or no settings at all to get the right texture of ice needed. Therefore, there might be more preference for blenders that can blend ice almost immediately without going through rigorous settings to get this done.

In conclusion, there are quite a whole lot of blending machine for ice available on sales in the market, that appeal to different kind of personalities and home type. However, what people look out for in ice crusher blender is the ability to use the machine at  any point in time and also get the desired result. The best ice blender crusher will be that machine that can stand the true test of time by being durable and still maintaining its potency when it comes to the ability to crush ice in no time.

More potent ice crushing blenders are commercially used to attend to a large gathering of people, such gatherings like wedding ceremonies, birthdays with a lot of guests. This is because they are built to withstand the high demand of crushed ice, within few minutes. Also, there are other types with small power and will need to be put to use not so frequently or with little pressure.

A bartender and mixologist cannot depend on ice crusher blender; that has motor power lower than 500watts in high demanding bars. The machine will break down, apparently affecting the engine power coils and damaging lots of components, just because it is overworked.