Best Electric Ice Crusher Reviews

Crushing ice can be a tedious process, but with the right equipment, it can prove to be an enjoyable process. This is to create a better cooling effect for drinks, making every drink taste a lot better.

When one needs a special blend of crushed ice with a particular drink, the electric ice crusher machines reviewed here on IceCubesHQ readily comes to mind and is the best place for you to find ice crushers of the highest quality. The manual ice crusher definitely will need a lot of energy to crush cubed ice to the desired form and quantity, especially when the cubed ice is in large quantity to cater for the need of large gatherings.

Electric Ice Crushers – Our Top Picks

Best Electric Ice Crusher Reviews

Below you will find a list with some of the best electric ice crushers out there, we base our reviews on hard facts and customer reviews. If you want to share your feedback with on of out picks or have something else that we might have missed or maybe you have a favorite machine that you have been using for a while, use the contact form and let us know!

6 Deni 6100

The Deni 6100 Automatic is a nice and compact ice crusher that looks decent and works great. You will save a ton of space with this one on your bar next to your ice machine (Deni makes ice machines too). We can’t say too much about this product as it’s not the best one out there, you can check out some of the products below, as this currently sits on the #5 spot.

The Deni 6100 can make finely crushed ice, not the best choice for an ice cone machine but it gets the job done. There are a few colors to choose from, so style can be adjusted. It is powered by a 70W power motor, it works with standard 110V power, has stainless steel blades (rust free), and they’ve started improving safety with the new lid design.

Deni 6100 ice shredder

It looks modern, but we like stainless steel finish, that is a personal choice for us, so this can go great with other kitchen or bar tools that you might have. What we don’t like is the fact that you need to crush one ice cube at a time to be safe, that doesn’t cut it when you are hosting a party or something similar.

Safety is a primordial concern, if the lid isn’t closed correctly, the ice will jump, and it might hurt you, so if you decide on this one (the price is great, btw), make sure not to have your face right above it. Reading some customer reviews online, I’ve heard people being struck by ice while operating this machine, just be careful.

5 WYZworks Commercial Heavy Duty

Another great example of a quality ice crusher that looks good performs better than most and looks great. The performance aspect is probably the most important one after durability; we check all the reviews a machine has and for what we saw the WYZworks Commercial Heavy Duty performs excellent, with the lowest number of unhappy customers.

The price is great for what you get, a heavy duty ice crusher/shaver that will do its job, the shaving blades are relatively sharp and will get you started. If you need or want to sharpen them, a Philips screwdriver is required to pull them out. For the best performance set, them a 1mm and you will get your ice ready for snow cones.

WYZworks Commercial Heavy Duty ice crusher

Cleaning the unit is straight forward, rinse it, apply dish soap and you are done. The stainless steel body is noncorrosive, so you can let the machine dry itself. The total crushing capacity is graded at 440 pounds/hour, we’ve seen this number before, and we think it’s a trend.

Safety is important, and I love the waterproof on/off switch cover, making this easier for everybody by its simplicity. Overall a great machine that does everything needed and stays there, thus the position in our top. The looks are there, but we are not impressed, if you are on a budget this is the ice shaver for you.


Like most of the products reviewed on IceCubesHQ, this one is out of stainless steel and for a good reason, from my experience this material lasts longer and can take a beating unlike plastics. Because of this I prefer to pay a bit more (not always) and get a better and longer lasting product.

DragonPad Commercial is a great product for crushing and/or shaving ice, the design is similar to other products, as we will see a trend that got a bit old but still works as great now as it did when they designed it. You still need to do some manual work as you need to press on the top leaver to apply pressure so that the blades do their thing.

dragonpad commercial ice shaver

Maintenance is a breeze with this ice crusher, good old dishwasher, and cloth are enough to clean it. I like to insist and make the stainless steel spotless, will share my tricks on how you can do it yourself so that the machine can stay on my bar and look good.

As a conclusion, the DragonPad Commercial Ice Shaver/Crusher is a great piece to have, as the name states “commercial” for home users the stress will be less that what the makers intended. The price is a bit larger than most others, but from my point of view this machine is indestructible, like a Toyota, it does what you need, crushes ice faster than you ice maker can produce, looks good and you will have it for a long time!

3 Yescom Commercial 250W 440lb/h

As the name implies, this one is a commercial ice crushed, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it at home. What it means is that you will have no issue with the product, and it can handle a lot of wear and tear. When it comes to a product like this, you want to keep it and use it for as long as possible, and I’ve heard people still use it and are happy with it for 4-5 years.

This home ice crusher electric has a 250W motor that will nuke any ice cube standing in its way!  Because of this motor and specially made blades, it can crush or shave up to 440lb of ice per hour. This means that you will need two people just to feed this beast around the clock, nobody is going to use it like this, but it’s a good thing to have.

yescom commercial electric ice crusher

The opening is at 4 ½” which makes it easy to load different types of ice, the top leaver will help you achieve the perfect crushed ice, or snowflakes (there’s a pro tip below). Don’t know why but I’ve people who got extra blades while other didn’t, anyways the 2 stainless steel blades will chop correctly for a long time.

For the perfect usage of this electric ice crusher, use bigger ice blocks, as ice cubes shaves are too fine. Another thing you can do with the Yescom Commercial 250W is frozen smoothies by just freezing your fruits and jamming them inside this. You’ll have to cut them into smaller pieces, and the double blades will go to town on them making you a nice and cold smoothie.

I love the fact that it’s stainless steel; thus it can have its place on my bar anytime. You will not have any issues with rust or anything like that as stainless steel doesn’t rust. When you need to clean this ice crusher, pull all the moving part rinse them a bit and you are done (unless you made a smoothie).

2 Waring Pro IC70 Professional

The Waring Pro IC70 Professional Ice Crusher is probably the easiest and most comfortable to use by anybody. I personally don’t like reading manuals and had no issue with this one, just got it out of the box and started crushing ice as intended and made some killer margaritas (check out the recipe).

This electric crushing beast had a 150W motor in it, thus, you will never face any problems with it, with a long history behind their products, Waring, are proud of their machines. The warranty on this motor goes up to 5 years so you will have it for a long time without any worries.

Waring Pro IC70 Professional

Don’t need to worry about rust on it’s crushing blades as the Pro IC70 has stainless steel ones, so you will enjoy your beverages freely. Because of their heavy duty blades, you can host a big party with this Pro version as it can crush up to 50 pounds of ice per hour, thus, crushing the competition by far.

The crushed ice produced is irregular, thus, it provides ice for every sort of drinks, except for Mint Julep or snow cones, for this, you need to get an ice shaver, we can check out some of the best here. Now, because we get different types of ice crushed we need to hold it somehow and with it’s crushing capabilities the bucket must be big, and it is, 12 cups big.

The wide mouth, funnel-shaped opening on top can hold a lot of ice, if you will it up you surely host a party! You just need to fill it up and press the only button and you get the party going. It’s very good if you want to store food on an ice bed, like shrimps, because you will get some ice flakes with the irregular ice made using this machine.

1 Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A

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We rate the Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A as being the best all-around electric ice crushed and shaver. As you can probably see the looks are strong with this one, the design it’s nice and can serve on the bar without any problems. I would love to see a stainless steel model because I like modern looks, they are a bit harder to maintain clean, as plastic is easier and cheaper to both maintain and produce.

Let’s talk specs, this ice shaver has a 60W, 120V motor that can handle almost anything; we can’t compare it with the Waring Pro IC70 Professional ice crusher regarding performance. With the Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A you will also get shaved and fluffy ice for your softer cocktails and ice cones.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A

For an easier usage, we advise you to use the 2 ice mold provided with the ice shaver; you will get a much better quality than using standard ice cubes so that you can cut your ice maker out of the equation. You can make 2 ice blocks a time, empty the block of ice in a bag, refill the mold and put both back in the freezer.

The blades are quality made and will last a long time, keep in mind that if you apply too much pressure, your ice shavings will be bigger, at the same time, the blades will wear off quicker. This ice crusher (or shaver) can make 16oz of quality shaved ice in a matter of minutes so your thirst will be settled in no time.

Your kids will love their ice cones with a few flavors that Hawaiian Shaved Ice sells as an extra, thus making the whole family happy. When you take a look at the price this thing costs (the breaking point for us) you will see that it is well worth it, currently ~$30 for a machines that not only create crushed ice or shaved ice but also ice cubes (can’t actually use them for anything), thus cutting the need for another machine (that if you don’t drink scotch on the rocks).

We highly appreciate this product, and we hope that you will do too; nervously waiting for the stainless steel version so that it can get placed in the middle of my bar!

The manual type of crusher makes use of hand cranks and the chute. The hand cranks can be very tedious to wind while also making sure that the chute is kept in shape. The electric ice crusher, on the other hand, requires little effort in crushing ice, to a great quantity.

All that is needed is to make sure there is the electric power supply to connect the plug to a source of power supply before it is switched on. The quantity of the ice crushed per minute is a function of the blade speed.

There have been quite many electric ice crusher reviews, but this piece of review is to give a closer look at the electric ice shaver. Life is a lot better with the advent of technology and the emergence of the electric ice crusher which replaced the manual ice crusher is no exception.

Making chilled desserts and other beverages to be taken with crushed ice has been made possible with the electric ice crusher. One can easily start the electric ice crusher machine with the touch of a button, making it possible to spend time with on other things that might require more attention. The electric ice crusher is a must-have for restaurants and other public space

Electric ice crusher for home use is needed to form part of the indispensable kitchen appliances; that can ease kitchen activities for faster drinks at all times. It is advisable to use the machine, with extra caution and care should be given to the various parts that make up the electric ice crusher.

The parts can be cleaned but not immersed in water, to avoid damaging the coils. It is also advisable to wash the blades with just water, to prevent it from corroding.  Effort should also be made to watch out for worn out parts of the machine to prevent electric shock, as this gadget might be prone electric shock over time once the parts is a bit damaged, due to movement of the macho from one point to the other over a rough surface.

Furthermore, one should stay away from the blades when it is plugged and switch on. The blade can be so fast that injuries caused might grave, if not leaving a permanent deep cut on the finger. So dipping fingers into the chute should be discouraged to prevent injuries.

The electric crusher is a better substitute to the blender, and making it the best ice blender available. This machine can crush all kinds of ice crystals into the desired form, which might be coarse, medium and fine in nature. The ice flakes produced, can serve as an interesting aesthetic effect on cocktails. There are several advantages of using the electronic ice machine.

In-depth view for the best electric ice crushing machines

Benefits of this Electric Ice Crusher

Easy to use

Most blenders used for crushing ice usually requires a pre-crushing of the ice cubes, before they can be crushed in the blender. On the other hand, the electric ice crushing machine works with the ice cube that will not need to be pre-crushed before they can be crushed into different forms as desired. Also, the electric ice shaver comes with a scoop, making the machine quite easy to use. It is also produced with a transparent safety lid, making operations a whole lot safer and secure. Most eateries find this useful to cater for the high demand of cold drinks that might not be readily available to the customers.

Also, the electric ice shaver comes with a scoop, making the machine quite easy to use. It is also produced with a transparent safety lid, making operations a whole lot safer and secure. Most eateries find this useful to cater for the high demand of cold drinks that might not be readily available to the customers.

Portable and Movable

Due to the compact nature of the electric ice crusher, it can be moved from one place to any location to the other. Most electric ice crushers are usually countertops but due to the portable size, it can be transferred to any desired location for use.

It is mainly an over the counter kind of product, which can be seen quickly, this is due to the portable nature, making it very accessible at any point in time for use. Bartenders will always want to have this machine to give their work a great boost while delivering the best to customers for a repeat business.

Additionally, the electric ice shaver makes the old manual method of crushing ice look like ancient hand tool. This machine is a choice of those that makes a lot of beverages and drinks for many people. The sharp blades create a crushed ice, with increased surface area for rapid cooling of drinks. 

Also, for those that like to host parties, get-together, family reunions and so on, this tend to find this machine quite useful in delivering an exceptional drink to a guest. The blade of the device will require constant cleaning, to keep it In shape for the effective and efficient crushing of ice, for the desired result as this among other components in the electric ice machine that is crucial to the machine to crush ice, when flakes of ice are needed.

Final thought, this gadget is different and can be used for making a superb cocktail party. I will like to recommend this piece of gadget to be found among the kitchen gadgets. This machine should not be mixed up with the ice making machine.

The difference is that the electric ice crusher only crushes ice and cannot produce ice. They both share some qualities which are to make the drink fit for easy consumption by lowering the temperature. It is also noteworthy that mixologist will be able to carry out their duties unhindered, with the use of electric ice crushers.